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Monreal Pizzeria in the heart of Trentino offers for pizza lovers a lot of choices: from traditional to special pizza but also some typical pizza.


Our pizzas are made with genuine products and local ingredients of our Trentino


Dishes for the little ones and a big game room will make a simple evening at a pizzeria a real party.


News: from November 2014  Pizza GLUTEN-FREE


OUR PIZZApizzeria monreal faedo


4 SEASON Tomatoes, mozzarella, ham, fresh mushrooms, artichokes, olives
SALAMINO Tomatoes, mozzarella, hot sausage

PIOGGIA Tomatoes, double mozzarella



TRENTINA Tomatoes, mozzarella, local sausage, blue cheese and parmesan

MONTANARA Tomatoes, mozzarella, mushrooms and smoked ham

CONTADINA Mozzarella,  red chicory, fresh tomatoes and bresaola


MONREAL Tomatoes, mozzarella, aubergines, mushrooms, smoked ham, cheese and chilli sauce

CURIOSA Tomatoes, mozzarella, broccoli, olives, cappers, fresh tomatoes and cheese
TARTUFINA Tomatoes, mozzarella, trufle cream, fresh mushrooms

 pizza topolino monral


BUGS BUNNY Tomatoes and mozzarella

TOPOLINO Tomatoes, mozzarella, sausage

PAPERINO Tomatoes, mozzarella, pommes frites 


....and more!



Pizzeria Monreal Faedo offers also a lot of dessert choices made strictly from the kitchen, the WARM CROASSANT FILLED with NUTELLA CHOCOLATE is prepared with PIZZA. A real treat to try!


sala giochi pizzeria monreal

Children are our favourites guests!

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Monreal S.r.l.- Faedo (Piana Rotaliana - Trentino)
P.I. 02314730223
via Pineta 15 38010
Faedo (TN) 
Tel. +39 0461 263900
www.monreal.it - info@monreal.it

REA: TN n. TN/215713 - Cap.Soc. € 10.000,00 i.v.


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